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Before starting the floor removal process, it is essential to prepare the area and take safety measures. This includes turning off any utilities in the area, such as gas, water, and electricity, to avoid accidents or damage to utility lines. Once the area is prepped and secured, Shoal Haven Floor Prep will move on to removing the flooring.

We remove the vinyl flooring by using a 5-in-1 scraper to loosen the vinyl. If the vinyl does not come off easily we use a prybar and hammer to chip away at the hardened adhesive. For vinyl plank or tile flooring we use a putty knife to pry up each piece and loosen the adhesive underneath. Another method is to use a heat gun to soften the adhesive underneath the tiles and then pry them up with a putty knife or scraper. It is important not to use water during the removal process, as it can damage the underlying wood and seep into the subfloor.

To remove timber flooring we start by removing the baseboards around the perimeter of the room. Next we cut out the center of the flooring using a circular saw or reciprocating saw. Then, tear up the edge flooring using a prybar or crowbar. For nailed-in hardwood flooring, wedge a crowbar under the wood and hammer it into the gap to loosen the boards. For glued-down hardwood flooring, use a scraper or chisel to loosen the adhesive and pry up the boards. If the hardwood planks are difficult to remove, cut them into smaller sections to make the process easier. Finally, clean up any remaining debris and dispose of the old flooring properly.






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