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Concrete or prep grinding

Concrete grinding and floor preparation are crucial steps in ensuring proper adhesion of coatings and overlays to the concrete surface. Industrial flooring surfaces often require grinding to remove existing floor coatings, deposits, and polymer overlays. Creating the appropriate surface profile through grinding helps assess the texture and adhesion of coatings or overlays.

Tile removal

The process of removing tiles efficiently involves several steps. After creating a starting point, the tile should be chipped out using a hammer and chisel. Once the tile is removed, the remains should be scraped out, and any adhesives or lugs should be removed. It is essential to work slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the subfloor or wall

Vinyl & Timber floor removal

Providing Amazing Service on Vinyl & Timber floor removal. Contact Shoalhaven Floor prep today for an unbeatable service & quote on any vinyl or timber floor removal.

Carpet removal

We provide professional carpet removal services. Carpet Removal is our specialty, Our Carpet Removal team in Shoalhaven Floor Prep is always happy to work around your schedule to complete your Carpet Removal job in the time frame that you require.

Obligation Free Consultation

With Shoalhaven Floor Prep you can book in a free consultation at no obligation and in some instances we offer next day quotes. We can answer any queries that you may have regarding your floor preparation project.

Highest Standards

Ask and we will find the right option for you. Working with our own professionals we bring floor project to life. Contact us today to find out more.

Mininal Dust & latest equipement

We strive to always minimize the amount of dust during the process so there is less to clean up. We have all the best equipment to reduce the time it takes to remove the floor.


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Customer service is the core of our operations. Shoalhaven Floor Prep listen,we suggest options and we make your dream project happen!

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